High visibility at major fairs and conferences

ECHORD’s structured dialogue aims at supporting and boosting technology and knowledge transfer between the European robotics industry and academia. ECHORD constantly builds up its network at big fairs like the Hannover Messe and major conferences like ICRA and RSS.


ECHORD at the European Robotics Forum 2013

ECHORD is already an established name in European robotics and therefore sets a high value on being present at all important conferences. ECHORD was glad to host another workshop at the European Robotics Form 2013, held in Lyon, France. The workshop focused on the industrial aspect of the project and counted on the participation of robot manufacturers and component suppliers, both for the service and for the industrial robotics sector. Find out more.


New ECHORD Lab Tour Report Asia

To look beyond the borders of Europe to find the greatest ideas and most successful methods to transform scientific knowledge into products and services that create added value for the customer is one of the missions of the ECHORD’s “structured dialogue”. After consulting robotic experts in North America on how to organize academia-industry collaboration, ECHORD visited about 30 labs in three Asian countries to investigate their best practice of academia-industry collaboration. The results are presented in this report. Both reports can be ordered by writing to echord@in.tum.de. Click here to find out more about ECHORD's international lab tours.



ECHORD presented its latest publications and outcomes at its booth at ROBOTS ON TOUR, the unique robots world congress in Zurich, Switzerland. Aldebaran’s NAO, "one of the coolest humanoids around" and one of the highlights at the event, also plays a key role in the ECHORD experiments BABIRGRASPY and SPEAKY for Robots.


ECHORD’s Robotics Entrepreneurship Workshop

In the course of the European Robotics Week 2012 ECHORD held a joint workshop together with euRobotics, the German cluster of excellence CoTeSys and UnternehmerTUM, Center for Innovation and Business Creation at the Technische Universität München. Main topics were the potential of spin-off creation and the access to high-tech companies. Moreover the participants had the chance to discuss with real spin-offs and start-ups. For more information click here.



ECHORD hold a workshop on October 11th at the IROS 2012in Vilamoura, Portugal. The experimenting partners will be asked to present their results to an international audience and to discuss the transfer opportunities. Besides that, the workshop will also play an important role as a networking event for the ECHORD partners. For more information click here.



Robert Madelin, General Director for Information Society and Media of the European Commission, visited the ECHORD booth at the Automatica 2012. ECHORD was represented at this important innovation platform with eight of its experiments: ContainerBot, LearnBiP, JILAS, MONROE, KANMAN, ASTROMOBILEInterAID and SprayBot displayed their current outcomes and results.



May 18th 2012 in St. Paul, USA

ECHORD hold a workshop on the topic "Industry-Academia collaboration in the ECHORD project: a bridge for European robotics innovation" at the ICRA in St. Paul, Minnesota. 


For the first time: Brochure for Robotic Equipment from European Companies

We are very proud to announce that ECHORD published a detailed brochure which presents the most up to date robotic equipment from European companies and manufacturers. For the first time, research institutions that are looking for the appropriate products in order to carry out their research, now have a comprehensive overview of the most important European companies and their robotic equipment. This brochure can be ordered by sending an email to echord@in.tum.de. You can also find it under the section "Publication and Media" of the website.

New ECHORD Experiment Brochure

In order to provide an overview of all 51 ECHORD experiments, the ECHORD team at TUM published an experiment brochure. It demonstrates the wealth of research conducted under the umbrella of ECHORD. You can access the brochure directly under the section “Publications and Media” or order a printed version by sending an email to echord@in.tum.de. With the ongoing process of the experiments the brochure will be updated after the third amendment.


ECHORD at the IROS 2011

September 25-30, 2011 in San Francisco, USA

In cooperation with euRobotics, ECHORD organized a joint workshop at the IROS in San Francisco. The workshop entitled “European Effort in Strengthening the Academia-Industry Collaboration” was a great success.


ECHORD at the European Robotics Forum

April 6-8, 2011 in Västerås, Sweden

Within the setting of the European Robotics Forum, held April 6-8 in Västerås, Sweden, ECHORD hosted two workshops and a kick-off meeting for the experimenting partners of Call 1, 2 and 3. Apart from attending different workshops, participants had the opportunity to network with key players of the robotics community and to meet their peers with similar research foci within ECHORD from all over Europe. About 50 people took advantage of this unique opportunity.

ECHORD Workshop at ICRA 2010, Anchorage

May 3, 2010, 09:00 am - 12:30 pm

The main goals of the ECHORD workshop at the ICRA were to strengthen the exchange of knowledge and experience between scientists and practitioners and to inspire the robotics community to create new project types.


Information Day at LAAS, Toulouse

February 23, 2010, 09:00 am - 05:00 pm

The Information Day at LAAS which was related to the 2nd call for ECHORD experiment proposals, was held for potential proposers and informed about the concept of ECHORD and it's objectives, provided more specific information about the call procedures and included a question and answer session.


ECHORD Opening Event, Munich

September 4, 2009, 10:00 am - 04:00 pm

At the opening event the aims and ideas of ECHORD were introduced to the participants and information about the call for experiment proposals, potential equipment offers and procedures for participation, was presented.