JILAS - Jig-Less Airplane Assembly in low volume production by enhanced human robot interaction


JILAS focuses on “human-robot interfacing and safety”. The core of the JILAS experiment is to realize a scenario where a human worker and an industrial robot assemble airplane components in a classic human-robot-coworker cooperation.

Therefore, an industrial robot with state of the art safety technology and the ability to perform force controlled movements will be used. Additionally, the robot has the capability to be hand guided by grasping and moving the gripped work piece. With the help of this robot, the human worker can pick up a component and move it toward the final assembly position. With the help of an external, absolute measurement system, the worker records the current component position in order to enable the main controller to calculate the exact path the robot must take to reach the final position of the gripped component. Then, at the human worker’s command, the robot moves the component, perhaps force controlled or at least force supervised, to its final position.


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Experimenting Partners

Zurich University of Applied Sciences (Coordinator)

MRK-Systeme GmbH

Latest Progress

Jun 21, 2012 :  Public Summary Month 20/2012