PRADA - Parallel Robot with Adaptive Dynamic Accuracy


Following ECHORD philosophy, the PRADA project aims at targeting one scenario – hyperflexible cells – and focuses on complex manipulation; within this scenario and with this focus, control techniques will be experimented on an industrial parallel robot manipulator so that robot builders, integrators and users can envision using such robots in applications or industrial sectors which are nowadays beyond the capabilities of existing solutions.

In a scientific point of view, PRADA aims at reaching beyond today’s performances for high-speed parallel robots in terms of dynamic accuracy along complex paths and adaptability to changes in operational conditions. This will be done thanks to a joint development effort of up to three enabling technologies specifically adapted to industrial parallel robots: adaptive dynamic control, sensor based control and actuation redundancy.

In a nutshell, the reason to carry out the PRADA project can be stated as follows: In order to offer the high rate-of-work coming with parallel robots to SME’s and new sectors, it is necessary to provide performance that can be robust to payload change, and motions with kinematic and dynamic accuracy.

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