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About us

The University of Bonn is one of the leading public research universities of Germany. Founded in 1818, it offers a large number of undergraduate and graduate programs in a range of subjects.

The Computer Science Institute has a long tradition in robotics research, especially in the areas of autonomous intelligent systems, service robotics, and probabilistic robotics. In ActReMa, two groups cooperate.

The Computer Graphics Group conducts research in the area of computer graphics and geometry processing. It will investigate shape primitive-based object-detection in 3D point clouds. The group will also develop means to extract object descriptions from exemplars shown to the robot.

The Autonomous Intelligent Systems Group conducts research in the areas of cognitive robotics and computational intelligence. The group developed the humanoid soccer robots and cognitive service robots, which won many international RoboCup Soccer and @Home competitions. In ActReMa, the group develops motion planning to grasp objects and view planning for active object perception.


What motivates us

For the University of Bonn, the ECHORD experiment ActReMa is a great opportunity to bring together two of our most successful research foci, namely shape primitive-based object recognition and pose estimation in 3D point clouds and mobile manipulation. Our cognitive service robots Dynamaid and Cosero won the 2011 RoboCup@Home competition, where a variety of skills was required. In ActReMa, we focus on a bin-picking task that requires advanced grasp panning techniques and manipulation skills. Together with our industrial partner Metronom Automation GmbH, we will transfer this technology to a real-world industrial application. With its small consortia and lean structure, ECHORD has provided the perfect framework to facilitate this collaboration.

How to contact us

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