REMAV - Remote eye for micro aerial vehicles


The main goal of REMAV is to demonstrate the possibility to precisely and safely operate Micro Aerial Vehicles (small autonomous helicopters) in a dynamically changing environment consisting of fixed obstacles, humans and other MAVs. In order to achieve this goal, an extremely precise position and speed control is required.
On a MAV, a new specifically adapted miniature optical-flow based speed sensor for measuring both position and speed of the vehicle with an unprecedented level of accuracy and precision will be integrated.
The speed sensor will complement and integrate the other classical MAV sub-systems (e.g. the navigation system and the collision-avoidance system), improving the navigation capabilities of the vehicle. The final goal is to achieve a quick and safe collision avoiding movement.
Human-MAV dynamic collaboration will be checked in a typical scenario. The definition of a realistic test scenario is one of the experiment tasks. Real-world scenarios can be taken as starting point and include for instance factories (e.g. for mass-customization), logistics storages and large shops, where MAVs could perform many kind of activities, e.g. carrying small payloads.



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