About us

Hospital Universitari de la Vall d’Hebron, the leading hospital complex in Catalonia and one of the largest in Spain, is comprised of four centres - the general Area, the maternity and children's area,  traumatology and rehabilitation area and the Outpatient Surgery Unit (Pere Virgili Health Care Park) - which cover almost all the medical and surgical specialties. The Vall d’Hebron University Hospital also houses various teaching centres, public health care enterprises, research centres, laboratories and other complementary facilities.

The research activity in Vall d'Hebron Hospital is coordinated and directed by management through the Research Institute Foundation (Fundación Instituto de Investigación), which integrates the management of human, material and economic resources. Its objective is to promote biomedical research in basic, clinical and epidemiological areas, as well as in health care services and management, and are all linked to the final aim of improving the health of the population.


What motivates us

The Hospital Universitari de la Vall d’Hebron has (in addition to basic clinical research areas) three research fields that are cross-sectional functioning, These include  research in epidemiology, research in pharmacology and research in new technologies and experimental surgery. This last one matches perfectly with the objective of the experiment and HUVH is very interested in obtaining and applying the results in future technology. In addition, Vall d’Hebron focuses on differential scientific and technical knowledge, based on their accumulated experience and professional skill. This means that the institution has to maintain a capacity for change, encourage specialization and employ increasingly sophisticated technical resources

How to contact us

Hospital Universitari Vall d'Hebron
Manuel López Cano
Paseo Vall d'Hebron 119-129
08035 Barcelona

+34 93 489 3000