About us

Telerobot is a well-established robotics and industrial automation SME based in Genoa, Italy. Telerobot inherits an important tradition originated within the Finmeccanica group; over the years, its mission was to promote, commercialize and perform R&D in the field of advanced robotics by targeting ground, sea and space applications for the Italian as well as international markets. Currently, Telerobot supplies application development and design services, product development, simulation and technical consulting in the fields of machine-applied mechanics, industrial automation, advanced robotics and mechatronics. Recently it started its own product line of robots (www.telerobot.it).

Telerobot operates in five product/service market segments:

  • Design and implementation of advanced robotics and services for the support of research and experimental activity.
  • Implementation of automatic equipment for industrial automation.
  • Research and development in the field of mechatronics.
  • Telecommunications equipments.
  • Heavy machinery dedicated plant for third parties manufacturing and integration.


What motivates us

Telerobot has expertise both in technology transfer and in providing support to academia and industry in the development and industrialization of new robotic devices. Within the FP6 RobotCub project, e.g., Telerobot was responsible for the design, development, standardization and manufacturing of the iCub. Telerobot strongly believes in academia/industry cooperation and furthermore, is interested in transferring innovative technologies into product applications; to this end, two R&D Centres are currently available: in the Concept Labs (Advanced Robotics, Mechatronics and Special Machines Division, located in Genova) and ICAM (Automation for Industrial Production Division, located in Alessandria). Furthermore, as member of EUROP, SIRI (Italian Robotic Association) and Polo della Robotica, Telerobot is confident that ECHORD will help the European Industrial robotics in creating and discovering new applications and markets.

How to contact us

Giovanni Stellin
Via F. Semini, 28C
16163 Genova

+39 0102518057