About us

SCHUNK is a medium sized company with 1,700 employees world-wide, annual sales of 180 mill. Euro in 2008. Apart from tool holding systems and stationary clamping systems, SCHUNK is one of the market leaders for industrial robotic components (grippers, rotary- and linear systems) and accessories (e.g. sensors and quick-change systems) – from standardized modular units to individual complex handling systems. SCHUNK is focused on the mechanical design of robotic components including the integration of electronics and low level control to be connected to the high level control of the superior system. One main research of the SCHUNK preliminary development is the development of flexible mechatronic modular components for complex handling systems. For individual robotic configuration, a unit assembly system has been developed including components like grippers, hands, sensors and rotation units and serves as a quick set up of individual handling systems.


What motivates us

We welcome ECHORD as a new type of funded research and we greatly appreciate its unique approach. SCHUNK is not only participating as a research partner but has supported ECHORD from the beginning by aiding the set-up of the umbrella project. By offering equipment for reduced prices within the ECHORD framework, we are helping by bringing ideas and advanced hardware together. We see the opportunity to create new ideas and new technologies for the European robot market. The approach to fund real applications is excellent method for creating new expertise and knowledge. SCHUNK is therefore pleased to be a member of the ECHORD community.

How to contact us

Christopher Parlitz
Bahnhofstraße 106-134
74348 Lauffen/Neckar

+49 7133 1032374