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About us

The Institute for Robotics (ROBIN) of the Johannes Kepler University Linz deals with the integration of control systems, linear/nonlinear control, actuators, sensors and realtime systems in robotic systems. This interdisciplinary view opens the possibility to develop and construct new solutions for highly sophisticated technical problems. Mechanical background is the multi body dynamics and the linear/nonlinear control of mechanical systems. The main focus is the development of new theoretical and practical handling methods for these complex  scientific disciplines.

The Institute for Robotics was awarded with the 2nd place in the “Dr. Wolfgang Houska Award 2007” for the development of a flexible light weight robot in cooperation with FerRobotics Compliant Robot Technology GmbH. The Dr. Wolfgang Houska Award appoints € 230.000 per year and is highly recognized. Robin is a member of the international ACCM consortium, the Austrian Competence Center of Mechatronics, which is the leading institute in Austria for R&D in the area of mechatronics.


What motivates us

The Institute for Robotics of the Johannes Kepler University Linz is working in the fields of motion platforms, rigid robots, flexible link/joint robots and pneumatically driven robots. 

A main goal in all research fields is to obtain comprehensive mathematical representations of the robots. Very often the physical parameters are not known in advance from computer aided design models or manufacturer specifications. They have to be identified by measurements and optimization methods.

In the proposed research work changes in the physical configuration of the test object should be detected as well.  Based on the frequency response of the test bench different states of the tested objects should be identified. 

The suggested methods could be used for different kinds of problems in the field of robotics and would hence be a very interesting research field for the Institute of Robotics. 

To transfer the developed methods to the industry is always of high interest for our university since we want to strengthen the European leadership in applied technology.

How to contact us

Johannes-Kepler Universität Linz
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