About us

WEDA Poolcleaner AB is a world leading company in the area of cleaning devices for large commercial pools. We have been present on most of the major markets in the world for the past 25 years, either directly or via subsidiaries and distributors. Our products are known on the market for their high performance, high quality, robustness and long life.


What motivates us

Although WEDA has a very strong market position today, the product range constantly needs to be updated. The current design is similar to a traditional industrial robot with stiff and heavy mechanics without any of the advanced sensing and control available today. To be able to maintain a leading position on the market and also to meet the needs of a changing market and competition from other pool cleaning companies, we need to introduce new technology into our products and ECHORD offers a good opportunity for this.

How to contact us

Weda Sweden AB
Klas Lange
Wedavägen 4A