About us

VOCALLY is a privately-held research-driven audio technology company and head-quartered in the Paris area (France). Its software products and audio technology are use by independent major recording and postproduction studios and also by telecom and radio communication companies. Vocally focuses on developing innovative audio technology for professional and consumer applications. This core technology is presented to customers in its product line and through its extensive licensing program. The R&D team has a strong background in digital signal processing and a wide experience in speech processing and perception while bridging research and engineering to come up with new practical solutions. As the industry leader in voice-changing technology, VOCALLY sets the standard with Voice Sculptor. VOCALLY’s flagship software product delivers multimedia solutions to the desktop for both online gaming and post-production studios.  Voice Sculptor is used by professionals in areas like Radio Broadcasting, Animation, Commercials or Dubbing to produce high-quality and natural voice modifications.


What motivates us

In the BABIR project, we propose to develop a robust vocal interface between the man and the robot. This robustness will be based on different level of signal processing. The first level is a high quality filtering of the acquired signal, coupled with an acoustic echo canceller. The second level is the implementation of low level speech recognition module, able to recognize, with a very high success rate, a set of words that will efficiently influence the behaviour of the robot.


How to contact us

Vocally SARL
Jean-Luc Crébouw
Rue Armand Carrel 44
93100 Montreuil

+33 1706 19083