About us

APIA XXI Group carries out its work within four business areas: engineering, constructions, technology and new developments within the private and public sectors. Founded in Spain in 1987 and having consolidated its position as one of the most prestigious business groups within its field, APIA XXI has a wide network of branches established worldwide. APIA XXI group has a work force of more than 400 professionals, capable of offering comprehensive solutions within all the engineering and architectural fields.

APIA XXI has specialized in offering comprehensive engineering and construction services for the development of renewable energy projects. Within this field it stands out due to the projects based on the use of hydraulic energy, solar photovoltaic energy and on-shore wind energy; undertaking the promotion, engineering - design and works control - and construction for numerous installations. Likewise, the group is investing in new offshore wind energy projects, like the unique high tower deep water floating met masts, that are capable of providing bankable data to the offshore wind industry.


What motivates us

APIA XXI is an engineering company involved with, among other R&D projects, some challenging new offshore renewable energy projects. In the offshore environment the operations and maintenance (O&M) task plays an important role regarding the overall results. When dealing with floating met masts, the movements, the environment and the height are difficulting the inspections of their different parts, making them hard to deal with and taking a large part of the limited inteervention time. APIA XXI has several years of experience in the field and have deployed already several unique high tower based floating met masts for the offshore wind market, taking care of the related maintenance operations. Therefore the main reason for the company to participate in this project is to evaluate the feasibility and usability of a robotic UAV to assist in the visual inspection of different offshore installations, for which it hopes to achieve a faster and cheaper inspection procedure.

How to contact us

Ignacio Robles Urquijo
Parque Cientifico y Tecnologico
Av. Albert Einstein, Nº 6
Santander 39011