About us

ROBOSOFT, established in 1985 by INRIA researchers, is recognized as a leading supplier of Advanced Robotics Solutions throughout Europe and beyond. ROBOSOFT is a profitable and independent SME with about 30 employees. New investors joined in early 2006, to contribute to the fast development of the company, which is very well positioned to become a major actor in the field of robotics, putting emphasis on software for robots. ROBOSOFT has gathered, within its team of engineers, the skills needed for a perfect knowledge of techniques linked with robotics: real‐time and on‐board computing (hardware and software), mechanical design, electronics, automatic control, prototyping and small series manufacturing. ROBOSOFT mainly deals with 4 types of customers, most of them being services providers: buildings managers (hospitals, airports, museums, malls, train station, etc.), sites managers (healthcare centers, municipalities, theme parks, universities campuses, industrial and business parks, etc.), services contractors (public transport companies, cleaning and surveillance contractors, research institutes, etc.), public and private research departments, involved in robotics and intelligent vehicles, all on a global scale. ROBOSOFT has significant experience with full automatic cars used for transportation of people. The main sites installed to date are:

  • Simserhof – France: 5 vehicles, 22 persons each, was installed on 2002 ‐ 120,000 persons transported
  • Vulcania – France: 3 vehicles, 28 persons each, was installed on 2008 ‐ 5000 persons per day
  • CityMobil ‐ Rome: 2 vehicles, 28 persons each, was installed in Rome in June 2010


What motivates us

The goal of ROBOSOFT’s participation is to improve the capabilities of the Kompaï robot using vision systems.

The result of the experimentation should provide a new interaction modality including human presence detection, facial expression and gesture detection recognition.

This should improve the Kompaï product, offering new functionalities in order to assist elderly people.

How to contact us

Robosoft SA
Joseph Canou
Technopole d'Izarbel
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+33 559415360