About us

Tecnalia France is a company 100% owned by the Spanish Foundation Tecnalia. Tecnalia France (old Fatronik France) was established in Montpellier in 2007 and now experts in applied research, development and technological transfer with close collaboration between public labs and universities upstream, and with Tecnalia Head office downstream.

Tecnalia France employs 10 people, with a large majority of PhD and Engineers graduated from French universities. Its main competence is the research in robotics applied on several domains:   

  • Medical robotics and assistive technologies for disabled people and elderly.
  • Pick and Place robotics with a strong competence in high speed manipulation (high acceleration and vibration compensation), which allowed to apply several patents with LIRMM/CNRS and to transfer and industrialize the Quattro® solution to Adept Inc.    
  • Cable Robotics (simulation, optimization of architecture, prototyping) for giant applications requiring large workspaces and heavy payloads.
  • Advanced control applied on high speed, high acceleration and high accuracy systems (non linear control, linear control based on linearized models, robust control, control and trajectory algorithms, sensors integration) 

Tecnalia France has strong expertise in design and control of parallel robots with an emphasis on fast machines. They have recently reached a world record in high speed pick-and-place robot (Par2, patented design) which has been running at above 500m/s2 acceleration, with a control law running on an Adept Control system.


What motivates us

The role of Tecnalia France, in close collaboration with Tecnalia, is to implement new functionalities and scientific advances in an industrial robot to explore new market opportunities. PRADA will permit to reinforce the collaboration with academic and industrial partners. On one hand, Tecnalia France will contribute to the scientific developments made by the academic partner in order to insure that the improvements can be implemented, and on the other hand, Tecnalia France will take part in the implementation with the industrial partner and will validate the improvement of the behavior of the robot in dynamics.

 During the past years, Tecnalia France has acquired a lot of experience in parallel robotics, modeling, simulation, experimentation, advanced control, many assets necessary for the good development of the project. 

How to contact us

Tecnalia France
Cédric Baradat
672, rue du mas de Verchant
34000 Montpellier

+33 4 67 13 01 25