About us

Skybotix AG is a spin-off of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich (ETH), Switzerland, founded by six shareholders as a limited company. The Skybotix team is composed of highly qualified experts in aerial robotics and vehicle navigation, with several years of practical experience. Active in the field of Micro Aerial Vehicles, Skybotix develops aerial systems for different applications ranging from indoor reconnaissance, inspection of power plants, educational and scientific applications. The company proposes presently the CoaX® micro helicopterplatform used by several renowned universities for their research. Recently, Skybotix also developed the FlyboX™, an advanced control and navigation system for MAVs, used mainly on multi-copters. Skybotix has active collaborations with renowned institutes as the ETHZ, EPFL, University of Nice and several important industrial partners. Skybotix is involved in FP7-EUproject Airobot as the provider of the flying platform for aerial inspection.


What motivates us

Skybotix recently developed the versatile multi-rotor platform FlyboX. It features full attitude and altitude control at 1 KHz as well as GPS based position control. With its high payload capacity and the special airframe, it is also able to carry a laser sensor, an atom based PC and cameras. In recent projects this setup proved to be valuable for doing inflight indoor/outdoor transition and indoor SLAM. All computations are done onboard the Micro Aerial Vehicle for full autonomy.

During this ECHORD experiment our goal is to further optimize and robustify both hardware and software of the MAV for full 3D obstacle avoidance and navigation. These two competences are key for successful industrial inspection tasks around masts, bridges, power lines and other structures.

How to contact us

Skybotix AG
Pascal Strupler
Luegislandstrasse 105
8051 - Zürich