About us

Aldebaran Robotics is a French SME set up in July 2005 and based in Paris. The world leader in autonomous humanoid robotics, the company designs, develops, manufactures, and commercializes humanoid robots and corresponding control software. Aldebaran Robotic’s NAO, 60cm tall, 2-legged first-generation robot, is the only European humanoid robot available on the market. The company addresses the following market segments: robots for academics, education and for technophile, robots for entertainment, and personal/assistant robots. In April 2011, Aldebaran Robotics delivered over 1300 NAO to academics and to technophiles in more than 40 countries all over the world.


What motivates us

The ECHORD Project GRASPY will allow Aldebaran Robotics to improve the interaction between a human and Aldebaran’s humanoid robot NAO in the domestic environment. NAO will be able to localize an object, to grasp it and to give it, in a robust way, to a person. Although now NAO is a development platform only for academics and education, our goal is for it to become a domestic robot. Its first mission is to be a companion, but its humanoid shape will be fully justified when it can move around in an apartment setting and can manipulate objects in a very robust way. For the launching of Nao on the public market, which is a strategic target for Aldebaran, the manipulation feature is of a major importance.

How to contact us

Aldebaran Robotics
Rodolphe Gelin
168bis-170 rue Raymond Losserand
75014 Paris

+33 177371775