About us

EICAS Automazione S.p.A is an engineering SME located in Torino (Italy), established in 1984 by a group of professors of Politecnico of Torino and industrial researchers. Since the Eighties, EICAS designs for its customers control systems, which do not require any set-up in-field and include fault tolerance, intelligent and autonomous control techniques. The EICAS main activity areas are: industrial automation, automatic control design, robotics, software tools, vehicle control, spacecraft control, discrete manufacturing automation. The industrial activities is accompanied by a strong involvement in RTD. By participating to advanced long term EU and ESA RTD projects in co-operation with big industrial companies, EICAS built up significant experience in many different areas, all concerned with design and control of complex systems. EICAS has the responsibility of the “Superior Hierarchical Control” development and of the related functions: “Safety Manager”, “Programming by demonstration” and “Flexibility and accuracy improvement”. EICAS has, moreover, the task to set up the ARFLEX sensor and the safety sensor.


What motivates us

The partners EICAS and POLITO are well aware of the challenging innovative objectives and the high impact of their implementation and recognise that developing such a potential requires defining and agreeing on a common exploitation plan carried on with determination.

EICAS plans to exploit its background and foreground IP looking for a ROBOT MANUFACTURER interested in the FREE experiment results and drawing up an agreement to put in the market robots integrated with the innovative FREE Superior Hierarchical Control.

How to contact us

EICAS Automazione S.p.A.
Dr. Gabriella Caporaletti
Via Vincenzo Vela
27 10128 Torino

+39 011 5623798