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About us

The Department of Mechanical and Production Engineering is an innovative research and education department at Aalborg University, Denmark, with about 90 employees. The mission of the department is to generate knowledge related to industrial production, and to disseminate this knowledge for the benefit of society, industry and students. Knowledge building is based on strategic and applied research with a generic nature.

The Department performs teaching and research in production covering the interaction between technology, organisation, management and economy in connection with industrial plants, business, and trade at a regional, national and international level. The activities covered by the department include process control, materials technology, automation, organisation, logistics, IT & production economics.


What motivates us

The Dept. of Mechanical and Production Engineering has constructed the mobile robot platform Little Helper with the intent to advocate and advance the use of highly flexible and human-cooperative robots in production environments. These robots are intended to allow efficient small-batch productions as well as on-the-fly programming by even untrained staff. The present version of the little helper robot is equipped with a robot arm of limited range which limits its use in real environments drastically. Our Echord participation will allow us to improve the Little Helper with a KUKA light-weight robot arm so that the Little Helper Plus can be tested on a real shop-floor.


How to contact us

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