C-KOMPAï - Providing Cognitive capabilities to the KOMPAï Robot with the addition of a Cognitive Brain


The CBRAIN (Cognitive Brain for Service Robotics, developed by C-ROBOTS) is a portable and modular system that can be potentially installed in any vehicle to transform it into an autonomous vehicle with an intelligent behaviour and cognitive capabilities. C-KOMPAÏ‘s objectives are to demonstrate the potential of the C-BRAIN system for its application to robotics, and to further progress in the development and application of advanced cognitive capabilities to robotics, particularly in the areas of navigation, map building, path planning and human-robot interaction.

This will be tackled through the development of a highly autonomous service robot, with a double functionality: Assistance robot for elderly people and floor scrubber in the household.

The starting point of the experiment will be the KOMPAï robot, a modular system for interaction with people. The experiment will incorporate to the KOMPAÏ robot and the CBRAIN system, including the following functionalities and capabilities: High level perception and representation of the environment, robust and reliable autonomous discovering of the environment and map building functionality, cognitive navigation, intelligent problem solving.







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Cognitive Robots S.L. (Coordinator)


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