About us

Mediavoice S.r.l. (MV) is an Italian SME located in Roma – Italy, founded in 2000 by professionals with extensive experience in the field of speech technology and innovation. Its mission is to reduce end-user digital divide, enabling them to interact with the digital world towards the development of new speech enabled solutions. MV has developed an extensive experience in research and innovation in the field of speech technology, due also to the long collaboration of its founders with the Institute of Cognitive Sciences and Technologies of the Italian National Research Council (CNR). MV’s activities include design, implementation, test and support of software and hardware (applications and devices), using a variety of platforms and languages. Its multichannel development approach (Personal Computer, telephone and mobile devices) enable people to interact with digital content using only using their own voice. The innovative products developed at MV are also suitable to fulfill the needs of disabled people who may meet difficulties when trying to access digital contents. Therefore, so its technology solutions are designed to be used also in the fields of assistive technology and home automation.


What motivates us

We believe that speech technology will be one of the natural Human Robot interaction in the next future. This way of interaction will grow and improve technically in the next few years as the speech technology is becoming a commodity in smarthphones, call centers, cars, home automation and many other similar end user environments. We expect to improve the productivity and to accelerate the process of applying speech interaction in the robotic field  through our new RVDK. Moreover, through our participation in the ECHORD project we expect to improve and increase our experience in the specch technology applications inventing a new paradigm for developers and scientists in the robotics field.

How to contact us

Mediavoice S.r.l.
Fabrizio Giacomelli
Via Laurentina 569
00143 Rome

+39 0 6542 10262