Our goal

The purpose of ECHORD is to significantly advance technological know-how and to pursue progress and innovation in joint technology and application development in European robotics. The main instrument for achieving this goal is by setting up the framework for European research institutions and robot manufacturers to cooperate in experiments that have  a maximum duration of 18 months, a that have a specific ,concrete focus and that use state-of-the-art equipment provided by the manufacturers. The concept of the experiments is based on past experiences with joint projects, and it intends to emulate the conditions that turned those projects into success stories.

Keeping that in mind, it is ECHORD’s strategic mission to:

  • enable research institutions to use industrial-level equipment for know-how transfer experiments by means of the robotic manufacturers providing that state-of-the-art equipment directly in the experimenters’ laboratories
  • encourage both research institutions and manufacturers to identify and work together on emerging technology scenarios by means of establishing a structured dialogue.
  • take advantage of and put into practice results achieved in previous European research projects, by means of defining tailor-made know-how transfer experiments
  • extract, consolidate and broadcast the progress achieved in the experiments to the community of RM and RI by means of continuous monitoring and reporting
  • guarantee knowledge transfer within and outside the European robotics community by significantly increasing PR activities

Moreover ECHORD creates a productive collaboration environment for research institutes and manufacturers across Europe and helps even small institutions or manufacturers to participate in setting up a strong network in the European robotics community. For that reason, the close collaboration between ECHORD and euRobotics is essential. While ECHORD provides a platform for small experiments with a specific goal in terms of scientific objectives and/or application, euRobotics supports and strengthens the European Robotics network and platform by organising conferences and workshops.