dimRob - Robotics on construction site - dimensional tolerance handling

The dimRob experiment aims to examine and demonstrate strategies for handling imprecision and tolerances in construction work. These deviations and tolerances are unique –because they are at the construction site, where the product (i.e. the building) is considerably larger than the fabrication tool.

DimRob mainly addresses the cognitive factory scenario. At a construction site, the robot is no longer operating in a controlled environment and is therefore in need of cognitive skills: perception of assembly objects (location of material and material tolerances), as well as context conditions (site tolerances and positioning/relocation) is required. Furthermore, as manual labor and robotic manufactured elements are combined on a construction site, the robotic system should be fault-tolerant and adapt autonomously to changing conditions.

The core contribution of the DimRob experiment is the implementation of industrial robots at construction sites, thus advancing the use of new technologies in the building industry and opening up new market possibilities for the robot industry.



Experimenting Partners

ETH Zürich (Coordinator)

Bachmann Engineering AG

Latest Progress

Aug 3, 2012 :  Public Summary Month 8/2012