About us

Studio Kai Dräger is a SME located in Berlin, active in the field of the sculpture, as well as in the monolithic treatment of natural stone. Kai Dräger is the owner of the company. In his studio, he employs - denpending on the actual workload - between 3 and 7 assistant artists.

Since 1990 Kai Dräger concerns himself with the realization of challenging projects in the field of the sculpture. In addition to his artistic work, he extended his activity to the restoration of landmarked buildings of sacral and profane architecture and to the building ornaments. Based on these activities, in 2006 he was granted a patent.


What motivates us

Studio Dräger will contribute with their knowledge and experience of sculpture manufacturing of natural stone. Main tasks in the experiment will be stone carving techniques, experiment design, test and system evaluation.

Research experience of Studio Dräger includes also the treatment of monolithic work pieces from natural stone with robot arms and the integration of the most modern production technologies in his artwork which is highly influenced by traditionally arts and crafts. Kai Dräger is currently participating in a research project, which is focusing on robot application for automatic pre-form sculpture milling. Moreover, he is engaged in the realization of integrated workflows for the production of more complex 3D forms in the field of contemporary art and architecture, as well as museum art.

Together with Fraunhofer IPK and TU Berlin, he has collected considerable knowledge and experience with robotic applications in hard stone carving.

How to contact us

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