Robotics all around the globe – ECHORD’s Lab Tours to North America and Asia

One of the most important concerns of ECHORD is the academia-industry-collaboration in European Robotics. In order to find out more about the way industry and academia cooperate in other countries which have been traditionally significant for the robotics sector, ECHORD organized two international lab tours.


The first one took place in October 2011 and was a huge success. The impressions of the tour are gathered and summarized in the Final Lab Tour Report.  The report can be found in the Publications and Media Section of the website.


In June 2012 the same group of experts undertook a second lab tour to Asia, visiting Japan, South Korea and China. In all three countries the tour participants found an industrial structure which was totally different from the one in North America. However, the similarities between the three Asian countries were striking. The findings of the second tour and their comparison with Europe, the USA and Canada were also published in a Final Lab Tour Report. The printed version of either one or both reports please send a mail to