ODEUO - Inner Oscillation Detection and Evaluation of Unknown test Objects


The ODEUO experiment aims to take what is a relatively simple job for humans, ie. the detection of spare or lose parts by shaking,  and make it a manipulation task solvable by mechanics.

ODEUO investigates the sensorless detection and evaluation of inner oscillations of unknown test objects mounted on a compliant test bench. The principle of the sensorless analysis is that test objects are not totally rigid in reality. This means one or more parts of the test objects are oscillating with different eigen frequencies compared to the rigid reference. By comparing eigen frequencies with the test object to the rigid model, oscillating parts are detectable.

The aim of this experiment is to demonstrate the functionality of a 6 DOF compliant hexapod to generate frequency sweeps in all degrees of freedom. These sweeps are used as a “sensorless” detection instrument to get quick and reasonable results, which is of general use for the detection of vibrations in unknown objects.


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Experimenting Partners

JK University Linz (Coordinator)


Latest Progress

Jul 23, 2012 :  Public Summary Month 7/2012