About us

The Miguel Hernandez University (UMH) is a public young dynamic university, located in the Southeast of Spain., UMH is an advanced University equipped with modern infrastructures and technological equipment which make it possible to excel in research, with specialized units directed by professional, renowned people. Together with the bio-medical groups of the faculties of Medicine, Engineering, Chemical technology and Computer Science, the UMH-IB group constitutes the Bio-engineering Institute (over 100 researchers) which has significant expertise in bio-medical engineering and multidisciplinary research activities. The Bio-engineering Institute has established numerous research and collaboration with both academic and industrial partners all over Europe, USA and Asia. Furthermore, the UMH-IB is linked to the professional world through agreements of collaboration with hospitals, companies and institutes in order to accelerate developments in medical technology and healthcare. Virtual Reality and Robotics Lab research unit, a part of Biomedical Neuroengineering Research Group at UMH-IB focuses its research interests on medical and surgical robotics, rehabilitation and assistive devices, medical image, human robot interaction, human robot interfaces and computer vision. The group is composed of 1 professor, 4 PhD-students in engineering, 1 PhD-in Biomedical engineering, 6 Ms-engineering 3 Ms-Biology, 2 Ms-Chemistry, 3 PhD students, 5 Technician and more than 15 graduate students. The UMH team was the coordinator of the “European Expert Platform for Measuring Human Feelings and Emotions” (EU FP6-NEST-043357). Its main objective was to discuss the best ways to measure human feelings and emotions. Based on the results of this platform, the main hypothesis of the MAAT project was created: The measure of feelings and emotions can be used to adapt rehabilitation assisted by robotic devices and immersive virtual reality systems to maximize the patient motivation. The research group is the coordinator of multiples national projects related to rehabilitation robotics, human-machine interfaces, surgical robotics, tele-operation, control and design of robotic devices.


What motivates us

The main reason for our participation in ECHORD is the cooperation between scientific research institutions and industries in the exciting field of robotics. The two partners involved have long-term experience in upper-limb robot-aided rehabilitation and are especially interested in the 3D extension (and related technology transfer) of robot-aided rehabilitation machines.

In our experiment MAAT, we will try to find common ground between robot manufacturers and research institutions to show the benefits of current and future robotic technologies for the development of new strategies for delivering rehabilitation therapies.

In the HERMES experiment, we will try to find a common ground between shoe and robotic manufacturer and research institutions to show the benefits of current and future robotic technologies for the development of new strategies in shoe industry.

How to contact us

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