Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia


About us

The Dept. of Advanced Robotics at the Italian Institute of Technology (Instituto Italiano di Tecnologia) was established in 2006 to undertake research in the broad field of robotics and more specifically human centered and humanoid robotics. Research with the department headed by Darwin Caldwell focuses on Humanoid Technology (including the humanoid robots iCub and Ci-Cub, dexterous manipulation, and novel actuation), biomimetic technology (quadru-pedal and continuum robots), rehabilitation and medical robotics and haptics/VR. Facilities within the department include a WAM arm and Barratt hand, Kuka LWR, Vicon/Optitrack trackers, cyberglove, 10 haptic interfaces (forces and tactile), 2 bipedal humanoids and 1 quadru-pedal robot.


What motivates us

The ECHORD project support the testing of new technology and hypotheses for the use of high dexterity haptic interfaces and high dexterity and differently configured robotic end-effectors. The framework will facilitate rapid software development and optimization.

How to contact us

Fondazione Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia
Darwin Caldwell
Via Morego 30
16163 Genova

+39 010 71781427/407