The Farm Technology Group


About us

The Farm Technology Group aims at enhancing, exploiting and disseminating technology in agricultural production processes with the aim to fulfil the needs of mankind and nature in a sustainable way. This mission is achieved by combining knowledge, methods and tools from technical sciences with biological, environmental, agricultural and social sciences in order to study, understand, manage and design bio-systems. The group covers the application domains arable farming, (greenhouse) horticulture and livestock farming and variations and mixtures of these three that arise due to the new challenges that a more bio-based economy poses. Our research instruments and expertise cover fields like sensor technology, data analysis, systems analysis, continuous time and discrete time modelling, systems engineering, integral systems design, systems optimization and management and control of production processes, mechatronics, robotics and precision agriculture techniques.


What motivates us

The Farm Technology group of Wageningen University and Research Center has a keen interest in robotics as a means to improve the sustainability of agricultural production processes. The master-slave system envisioned and built within the Hubrina project is considered to be an intermediate step towards the deployment of fully autonomous vehicles in arable farming. Also the Farm Technology group has a keen interest in making scientific knowledge work in practice. The close cooperation in this project between two knowledge institutions, WUR and PPO, and the company Tyker Technology, facilitates the realisation of this objective.

How to contact us

Wageningen University, Farm Technology Group
Prof. dr. ir. E.J. van Henten
P.O. Box 17
6700 AA Wageningen
The Netherlands

+31 (0) 317 483328