ASTROMOBILE - Assistive SmarT RObotic platform for indoor environments: MOBILity and intEraction


The ASTROMOBILE project aims to develop and demonstrate that a smart robotic mobile platform for indoor environments with an embodied bi-directional interface with the world and the users can be conceived to improve services useful for humans. The ASTROMOBILE applications range could be very wide, including industrial environments, security, rehabilitation robot, personal and companion robot, etc…

In particular, this project wishes to address the use of a smart robotic mobile platform in a domestic environment, covering possible applications, such as a personal robot for non-self-sufficient people, for telework or for security. The ASTROMOBILE robot-assistant cooperates with users in the indoor environment to help them in daily life or working activities. Therefore, natural speech recognition control could be very helpful, because the speech skill of elder people stays intact the longest.

Speech recognition software is not just a database of speech samples and frequency of voting, but is also a phonetic dictionary, and a vocabulary and grammar definition. With the development of the Open Source Speech-Recognition Software Simon, a very powerful tool was created, one that could make verbal control of computer applications and electronic equipment possible. Originally, Simon was developed for physically handicapped people on the basis of the following hypothesis: speech impediments should not influence control and computer literacy should not be required for control either.

In the ASTROMOBILE project, the developed application package “basic autonomy”, which includes easy use of the internet, the telephone and the control of multimedia applications, can be easily adapted. In order to add new functionalities, it is necessary to study their approach to special situations and to tailor the existing application packages to them. Moreover, further systems, especially in the area of security and electronic control, need to be researched and developed.

Based on the development of Simon so far, the implementation of this project could result in creating a control mechanism that could significantly change all other developments in this area in Europe, in particular because of the language independent programming of Simon.



Experimenting Partners

Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna (Coordinator)

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May 31, 2012 :  Public Summary Month 5/2012