About us

Lund University (ULUND) has eight faculties and many research centres and specialized schools, and is the largest institution for research and higher education in Sweden. The relevant expertise of the involved departments (Dept of Automatic Control and the Dept of Computer Science) is in non-linear control, hybrid control, system identification, and practical implementations of these techniques in industrial systems. Software engineering focuses on embedded systems with practical use-cases from real-time control software for robot control (force control, robot control, software architectures). Close collaboration with ABB Robotics, being a key technology provider of control systems for experiment partner Güdel, enables us to adapt the industrial motion control (and online sensor fusion) to special real-time requirements and network interfaces. Our contributions build on experiences from distributed real-time control systems, software architectures, mechanical engineering, and productive robot applications.


What motivates us

Integration of modular networked control and parallel kinematics into a hyper-modular system that more easily (than for any robot today) can be adopted to application needs. Contributing to bringing fundamental research results into product developments, which should follow the MONROE experiment. Widening the applicability of robots ist he overall goal.

How to contact us

Lunds Universitet
Dept of Computer Science
Klas Nilsson
Box 118
22100 Lund