About us

VISSEE AG is the multi‐award-­winning company inventor of visual speed and depth sensors. Now located in Zurich, Lugano (Switzerland), and San Francisco (USA), VISSEE was founded in 2009 as a spin-­off from the ETH, the Swiss Institute of Technology in Zurich. Based on neurocomputational principles found in the fruit fly, VISSEE developed an array of innovative products that are being marketed for transportation, motor racing, digital factory, architecture, engineering, entertainment, and medicine. Currently, VISSEE’s sensors are used in more than 60 countries worldwide.


What motivates us

VISSEE’s roots originate from robotics and we design technology for a wider availability of mechatronic systems. In the REMAV experiment, we will install VISSEE’s sensors onboard a Micro Air Vehicle of our partner Skybotix. By providing an intelligent selection of measurements, we will allow for less intensive control schemes resulting in more lightweight structures. The expected reduction in system complexity will be most beneficial for robustness and availability. Having already achieved great results in past projects with the other project partner - SUPSI - we expect the REMAV to convince professionals in the inspection and warehouse industries of the advantages of European flying robotic platforms.

How to contact us

Dr. Nicola Rohrseitz
Technopark 1
CH-8005 Zurich