About us

Elettric80 was founded in 1980 in Viano (RE) Italy as SW company and gradually turned to design, produce and finally provide end-of-line automation solutions such as “Freeway” - a highly flexible material handling system which utilizes palletizing robots, laser guided vehicles, automated vehicles, high speed stretch wrappers and a pallet control system, and the entire process is managed centrally by a state-of-the-art warehouse management system.


What motivates us

Research, development and investment in research of new technologies have always been E80’s goal. The experience in the field and knowledge acquired in 30 years as a global provider of end of line automation solutions and, more specifically, in research and development of SW for automated, laser guided vehicles has convinced us that the close collaboration between academic researchers and the industrial community will lead to highly innovative results, which will ultimately have impact not only in scientific findings but also in the industrial application.

How to contact us

Elettric80 S.p.a.
Marco Casarini
Via G. Marconi, 23
42030 Viano-Reggio Emilia

+39 0522 762011