About us


The Bachmann Engineering AG was set up in 1965 and is entered in the Commercial Register as a public limited company since 1977. The company headquarters is in Zofingen, Switzerland. Their team currently comprises 8 members of staff and three part-time employees. Over the years Bachmann Engineering has grown from a simple design office to a company operating in all of Europe, specializing in turn-key production of automation and robot systems. Bachmann Engineering also includes entire assembly and on-site test phases on customer premises, in addition to implementation and construction of the plant, by turn-key automation.


What motivates us

Our expectations for this project are the development and implementation of a series machine for the manufacture of wall structures through the use of industrial robots, directly on the site.

Bachmann Engineering Ltd features a number of robot systems and special machines already implemented in widely ranging sectors, in Switzerland and across national borders in Europe. Project implementation of  R-O-B; a mobile construction robot for producing individual wall elements extended the major wealth of experience towards automatic production of wall elements. The experience gained from this project can be integrated optimally in this current project.

How to contact us

Bachmann Engineering AG
Roger A. Bachmann
Henzmannstrasse 8
4800 Zofingen

+41 62 752 4949