About us

Adept France is part of Adept Technology, Inc., a global, leading provider of intelligent vision-guided robotics systems and services. Adept systems provide unmatched performance and economic value throughout the production lifecycle, enabling customers to achieve precision, quality and productivity in their assembly, handling and packaging processes.

In France the subsidiary located near Annecy is involved in R&D projects while the subsidiary located near Paris is dedicated to customer support and field service.

Adept has been involved in many industrial projects where OEMs wanted to use an Adept controller to develop a new or specific application. They found with the Adept products an opportunity to have an open controller. Main applications were:

  • custom trajectory generation with dynamics models
  • custom control loops for 6-axes robot (using force sensors)
  • high-speed control of multiple, synchronized axes over the Firewire network
  • vision integration
  • custom kinematics model implementation


What motivates us

By the introduction of new control techniques, ADEPT will address the following applications with improved features : Packaging and Assembly, and the following new applications : Dispensing, Inspection, Cutting (Laser and waterjet) and Deburring. In most of the above applications, other existing equipment and processes provide high productivity and they obtain good quality standards. Nevertheless, the production equipment needed do not offer flexibility and is very costly. For example, some processes require expensive investment on dies, moulds and fixtures. In particular, this issue is relevant in Europe where high added value and low production goods are quite common on our production scenario. The use of highly productive robotics can confront this problem, provided that robotic process cycle times can be leveled by an extremely high acceleration robots with dynamic accuracy along complex paths and adaptability. Any advance in the transfer to industry of the robots that assure high acceleration and good trajectory tracking can lead to allow the production of more high value goods in Europe.

How to contact us

Adept Technology France
Jean-Luc Raffin
Parc Altaïs
25, rue Véga
74650 Chavanod

+33 4 50028116