HUBRINA - HUman-roBot co-woRking IN Agricultural master-slave systems


A master-slave robot control for agricultural activities will be developed and its feasibility demonstrated in this experiment. The human takes over the non-robotized tasks of safety prevention and feedback on the quality of work performed by the robot. In our approach, we would like to advance the research to master-slave systems in agriculture beyond just the level of simulation and prove the feasibility of a fully automated master-slave system. This fits into the Echord research focus ‘human robot co-worker’ in that a robot co-worker interacts with a human towards achieving a common goal. The research foci of Echord that relate to this experiment are human-robot interfacing and safety and cooperation. The experiment partners are Tyker Technology, the Farm Technology group of Wageningen University and the research centre Praktijkonderzoek Plant & Omgeving B.V. (Applied Plant Research) that belongs to the Plant Science Group of Wageningen University & Research Centre (WUR). Tractor manufacturer CLAAS supports the research by supplying a tractor for the experiment.


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HUBRINA_Tractor in test setup.JPG 137 KB 2011/12/08
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