About us

The Chair for Robotics and Embedded systems (Prof. Dr. D. Henrich) at the University of Bayreuth has extended experience in the area of motion planning in dynamic environments, intuitive robot instruction, human-robot cooperation/coexistence and vision safety systems. The current range of projects includes SIMERO (Safe Human-robot cooperation), A-Bot (Intuitive robot programming) and SafetyVision (3D workspace supervision system). The Chair for Robotics and Embedded Systems has participated in several nationally and internationally funded research projects which involved industry funding.


What motivates us

The Chair of Applied Computer Science III at the University of Bayreuth focuses on human-robot interaction and is interested in transforming academic knowledge into practice by realizing this application scenario. The ability to help the industry to make a major leap forward regarding human-robot interaction in this important application field is very motivating. The application offers various approaches to human-robot interaction that can be evaluated and published.

How to contact us

Universität Bayreuth, Chair for Robotics and Embedded Systems
Prof. Dr. Dominik Henrich
95449 Bayreuth

+49 921 55 7680