About Us

Tyker Technology is a spin-off company of Wageningen University. The mission of Tyker Technology is to provide technical solutions for the optimal use of mobile off-road machinery in time and space. Tyker Technology was founded in 2008 by Tijmen Bakker after finishing his PhD research which dealt with the design of an autonomous robot for weed control. Tyker Technolgy develops both knowledge and products for agricultural and construction equipment.


What motivates us

For Tyker Technology, the project will contribute to our knowledge about control of master-slave systems. This knowledge could serve as a basis for the development of future products and partnerships. Also, the minimal organisational effort (no consortium etc) required for application and the expected minimal administrative burden of participation contributed to our decision to apply for participation.

How to contact us

Tyker Technology
Dr. ir. Tijmen Bakker
Papiermakersbeek 16
3772 SV Barneveld
The Netherlands

+31 (0) 6 24528484