About us

MetraLabs GmbH Neue Technologien und Systeme is a German SME that produces high-performance mobile robot platforms and complete service robot applications. As one of the first companies in the world to do so, MetraLabs has successfully launched service robots that do their job in grocery and DIY stores, in fast food restaurants and that clean rooms everyday and do this fully autonomously. The current fields of application are mobile monitoring, flexible intralogistics, mobile service guides and mobile robots for research. The company was founded in the environment of and with a link to the Ilmenau University of Technology (Germany) in 2001.


What motivates us

MetraLabs has always focused on service robot applications that are suitable for everyday use. The experiment KANMAN enables MetraLabs to enlarge its product range, to offer complete mobile robot solutions for industrial environments and to defend its technology leading role. Furthermore, MetraLabs wants to strengthen partnerships with leading providers of modular kinematics and sensor technologies.

How to contact us

MetraLabs GmbH Neue Technologien und Systeme
Dr. Andreas Bley
Am Vogelherd 22
98693 Ilmenau

+49 3677 668666