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About us

The main business of Reis Robotics is the development and production of industrial robots and robotised automation systems. Reis standard robot units cover a wide variety of kinematic configurations and payloads. In addition to the products in the field of robotics, Reis also produces trim presses and mould spotting and try-out presses.

Typical applications include: welding, cutting, machining, assembling and part handling. The complexity of the installations ranges from simple production cells comprising a single robot for welding, up to complete production lines with several robots and the peripheral devices for interlinking. The control of the robots is achieved by the in-house developed ROBOTstar, which is in its 5th generation. In recent years especially the development and installation of production lines for photovoltaic panels formed about 50 % of the turnover of Reis Robotics.


What motivates us

KUKA, Reis and the IPR have already worked successfully together in several robotics oriented research projects. In the ERICA experiment both companies Reis and KUKA will bring in its big practical experience in robot applications. Reis will establish practical requirements for safe human robot cooperation, and KUKA will experiment with 3D vision for object and person recognition from mobile robots. Reis will deliver the robot hardware kit. KUKA will provide its omniRob system as in-kind contribution for the experiments. The IPR will develop algorithms and a software framework for the HRC and object/person recognition based on 3D vision. All partners will meet together frequently to manage the project experiment and to solve the arising problems. A good partnership between IPR and the other partners is assured because they know each other well from several national and European research projects. At the end, all partners will build up a common two robot cells at the IPR and KUKA to demonstrate the HRC and the developed algorithms and methods.

How to contact us

Reis GmbH & Co KG Maschinenfabrik
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