About us

Scape Technologies was founded in 2004 after many years of research and development at the University of Southern Denmark.  The result of this hard research is SCAPE, an acronym for Smart Classifier and Pose Estimator.  SCAPE is the core of the Scape Technologies bin-picking product SCAPE Bin-Picker.

Today Scape Technologies is located in the city of Odense and develops and sells highly flexible automated bin-picking systems.  Scape Technologies works closely with both universities and integration companies with the goal of providing state of the art bin-picking robots for flexible feeding systems. 


What motivates us

Scape Technologies is participating in the project because the technologies in the experiment are interesting in the context of bin picking. The concept of grasp densities allows picking of objects to be learned rather than being manually specified. With this technology the system can learn from experiences and adapt the grasping to the given setup. It is the expectation that this can improve the performance of the final installations.

The 3-fingered hand in the experiments is also interesting commercially. Having a dexterous hand would both improve the flexibility of a cell and it would reduce the costs of development, where significant effort used for developing custom grippers.

How to contact us

Scape Technologies A/S
Rene Eriksen, PhD
Kochsgade 31C, 3. sal
5000 Odense C

(+45) 25308949