About us

Intermodalics has years of experience in solving automation problems in industrial applications. With an eye for cost, safety and reliability, we choose the best technology for your problem. We integrate these solutions to industrial standards and maintain them as desired. We specialize in automatic handling of internal logistics.

Intermodalics has offices in Antwerpen and Leuven, Belgium. It's a spin-off of the mechanical engineering department of the Catholic University of Leuven with which it has a long-term relationship. Intermodalics employs key people known for their experience in robotics and automation.


What motivates us

ECHORD allows us to experiment with the next generation robotics hardware which will enter the market the coming years. This allows us to investigate new applications early on and gives us an edge when the technology is mature for industry. The small and focused scope of the experiments allow us to do this with little overhead.


How to contact us

Intermodalics bvba
Dorpstraat 26
2040 Berendrecht

+32 473170240