About us

Intelligent Machines Stockholm AB (IM) is a technology and solution provider for the emerging service robot industry. The business idea of IM is to introduce intelligent systems into traditional products and thereby increase the performance and improve the customer values of the product. IM has a close cooperation with both industrial and academic partners and often act as a bridge between the two so that new technology and solutions can find their way into more traditional industrial applications. IM is composed of people with extensive experience of product development and solid knowledge in a variety of fields as robotics, real-time computer systems, mechanics, mechatronics, navigation and sensor processing.


What motivates us

Intelligent Machines Stockholm AB (IM) is participating in ECHORD as it offers a unique funding opportunity to bring technology in academia to real world products without the project having to also to deliver a lot of ground breaking new scientific results. It also offers us a way to gain knowledge about state-of-the-art methods for navigation and localization which will make us more competitive in the future.

IM has worked in several commercial projects where new technology is transferred into companies that themselves do not possess the know-how to take that step. The CEO of IntMach, Per Ljunggren, was the project leader in the development of Trilobite Electrolux autonomous vacuum cleaner and as such is one of few in the world that has put a real service robot on the market.

How to contact us

Intelligent Machines Stockholm AB
Per Ljunggren
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+46 (0)70 218 0236