About us

Metronom Automation GmbH has been founded in 2001. Main activities are in 3D Metrology for automotive business, railway applications and general industry. The company resides in Mainz, the capital of Rhineland-Palatine, near Frankfurt. We engage 15 employees educated in computer science, electronics, physics and surveying. We’re experts in robotics, image processing and laser scanning. Our software solutions are used by most of the German automotive manufacturer like Audi, BMW, Daimler, Ford, Volkswagen, etc. We have products to control robot measurement cells for inline gauging and client/server database solutions for CAQ applications.

We have experience in 3D laser scanning since several years based on the development of the 3D clearance control train of the German Railway (Deutsche Bahn). At the actual project funded by ECHORD we want to combine our know-how in robotics with the know-how of image processing and laser scanning to develop a new sensor and a new strategy to enable picking of real 3D parts with a robot.


What motivates us

Our reason and motivation for participation is to get more knowledge about algorithms and strategies for the general application of picking parts with a robot. We want to develop with our partners a sensor and software scenario to enable picking of randomly placed objects. Our task is to develop a sensor and the input data for the algorithms of object detection, grasping point determination and path planning. We appreciate the knowledge of our partners from the University of Bonn in robotics and object detection and we want to transfer some of their know-how to an industrial application.

We choose ECHORD  for funding due to the easy registration and the right way of funding smaller projects. Our approach should be realized in a short time (compared to our funded projects).

How to contact us

Metronom Automation GmbH
Holger Wirth
Max-Hufschmidt-Str. 4a
55130 Mainz

+49 6131-25 08 38-0