MUCE - Modular underwater cleaning equipment


There are three partners in the MUCE experiment. WEDA is a market leading producer of professional pool cleaners. KTH is the academic partner and via its Centre for Autonomous Systems provides enabling knowledge in areas of navigation and localization. Intelligent Machines coordinates the project and acts as the bridge between end user and academic partner and will be responsible for the realization of the system.

The MUCE experiment fits into the “Human-Robot co-worker” scenario, expanded beyond traditional production type systems to service robotics. The research focus is on robust underwater positioning. The overarching goal of this project is to make a new generation pool cleaner that replaces heavy mechanics with sensors and intelligent control. The aim is that WEDA will be able to expand significantly with this new product. A secondary goal is to facilitate know-how and technology transfer between all partners in the consortium and thus between academia and industry. This will be the key to a successful project.



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Experimenting Partners

Intelligent Machines (Coordinator)

Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan


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Jul 25, 2013 :  Public Summary Month 7/2013