Public Summary Month 5/2013

Tests conducted in the labratory could verify the VSS2.0 sensor hardware and basic functionality; calibation is in the process; measures show a good linearity with however added noise which has to be suppressed in order to employ the new sensor hardware for actual uses.

More tests have been conducted with an imprioved version of ViSSee's BlurMeter algorithm implemented in an iPhone; this new hardware gives still better results as the first test wich where performed months ago using an off the shelf camera system.

During the last projects monts, VSS2.0 sensor will be further calibrated and improved in order to obtain usable measures.
Expriment will be further perfomed using the Vicon optical tracking system on both the VSS2.0 sensor and the iPHone reduced performance version (as backup) in order to complete the ECHORD experiment.

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