Public Summary Month 7/2012

The ODEUO experiment was concluded using more vibrating masses at the same time and finally getting observations of “real” test objects.

Different mounting suspensions coming from the automotive industry as well as packaging boxes were evaluated.



Example of a mesurement cycle to detect damages on packaging boxes


For dissemination purposes the experiment is made public on the homepage of the robotic institute of the Linz University, and linked to echord homepage (see – research – echord).


We also participated at the conference OPTIROB 2012 in Romania, Mamaia which was held from the 21 to the 23 of June. (

The paper “A Pneumatically Driven Stewart Platform Used as Fault Detection Device” is printed in the journal of the conference and attached here (OPTIROB_Hexapod_LaTex.pdf), the conference presentation is available here (OPTIROB2012_ODEUO.pdf).

This picture shows the basic setup of the ODEUO experiment, for sensorless detection of unknown vibrating objects. 


See also some videos of the test bench (testbench.mp4) as well as tests with “real” objects like motor suspensions (motor_suspension.mp4) or packaging boxes (packaging_boxes.mp4).


A multimedia report of the whole experiment is visible here, in different video formats ( Echord_Odeuo_Multimedia_5_640x480.wmv,   Echord_Odeuo_Multimedia_5_640x480.mp4Echord_Odeuo_Multimedia_5_640x480.movEchord_Odeuo_Multimedia_5_640x480.avi ).

Video for mobiles in low resolution: Echord_Odeuo_Multimedia_5_640x480.3gp

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