Public Summary Month 8/2012

In the final phase of the experiment, objectives of the research were compiled in a final demonstration and in addition, the concept of using the fabrication unit as a digital workbench that is able to accomplish various necessary tasks in a fabrication sequence was introduced in order to show that the unit was able to react on the changing conditions a “workspace”, the building site.

After handling each task in the sequence separately, they were all put together in a single fabrication chain that consisted of:  (1) Measurement of the inclination of a workspace and orienting the work tool (gripper) accordingly by transferring the angle data to the robot controller, (2) scanning the workspace (inclined frame) and importing it as 2D-lines to the design software (3) adapting the algorithmic design of a wall structure to be built in that workspace according to the scanned and recognized changes in the dimensions, inclination, etc., and (4) robotically cutting and placing adapted and custom shaped building elements of this algorithmically designed wall structure.

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