Public Summary Month 7/2012

Seven ECHORD summary. Project C-Kompai

During June and July 2012 our main accomplishments include:

-  Development of the high-level communication of programs/modules from the C-Brain of C-Robots and the existing software of the Kompai platform from Robosoft. At this point of the project, C-Robots is ready to deploy the high-level modules of the Cognitive Brain for Service Robotics into the extended Kompai platform in our last trip to France. We will perform final tests and videos in the same week.

- Completion of the hardware adaptation on the Kompaï for the cleaning functionality. The commercial vacuum cleaner Simeo NS136 (Figure 1) was selected to be incorporated into the Kompai. To integrate the vacuum cleaner, we design an interface piece to fix it on the robot in a light way (Figure 2a), to be easy to add or remove from the platform. This piece must also support the weight of the robot, because the broom must have a rotation axle on its back in order to adapt on the ground (Figure 2b). Finally, we needed to power the broom, and connect it on a digital input to start and stop it and mount it on the robot (Figure 3). Figure 4) shows the Kompai platform with the vacuum cleaner fully incorporated.

Figure 1 Siméo NS136 vacuum cleaner or broom incorporated into the Kompai platfrom.

Figure 2. a) Interface piece; b) Broom mounted with the interface.

Figure 3. Detail of push fixation.

Figure 4. Completed Kompaï platform with the integrated broom.

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