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TUM press release (German) 2009-05-12 TUM press release (English) 2009-05-25 Ad in the Guardian (English) 2009-10-22 Ad in Le Monde (French) 2009-10-22 Ad in the Guardian (English) 2010-03-16 Ad in ilsole24ore (Italian) 2010-03-16 ...
[Last edited May 30, 2011 ]
The quote for robotic equipment is now closed. The deadline was August 10, 2010 17:00 Brussels time The equipment quote instructions and the related documents, which can be found on the right, should be read carefully before an equipment offer is submitted. In the context of ECHORD, small-scale projects, so-called...
[Last edited Aug 11, 2010 ]
About us Elettric80 was founded in 1980 in Viano (RE) Italy as SW company and gradually turned to design, produce and finally provide end-of-line automation solutions such as “Freeway” - a highly flexible material handling system which utilizes palletizing robots, laser guided vehicles, automated vehicles, high speed...
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[Last edited Oct 24, 2011 ]
Università degli Studi Roma Tre Roma Tre University was established in 1992 and is made up of 32 departments. Its 40,000 students have a wide range of course offerings that focus on the quality of the teaching and the introduction into the working world. Roma Tre offers a wide choice of post-degree courses (masters, PhDs, and...
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[Last edited Jul 8, 2011 ]
About Us Tyker Technology is a spin-off company of Wageningen University. The mission of Tyker Technology is to provide technical solutions for the optimal use of mobile off-road machinery in time and space. Tyker Technology was founded in 2008 by Tijmen Bakker after finishing his PhD research which dealt with the design of...
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[Last edited Oct 24, 2011 ]
Johannes Kepler University Linz, Institute for Robotics About us The Institute for Robotics (ROBIN) of the Johannes Kepler University Linz deals with the integration of control systems, linear/nonlinear control, actuators, sensors and realtime systems in robotic systems. This interdisciplinary view opens the possibility to...
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[Last edited Oct 24, 2011 ]
About us Humanware srl has been established in 1996 by a multidisciplinary team of researchers and engineers with long experience in Robotics and Virtual Reality. Humanware is a consulting company whose main activities are related to Mechatronics, Robotics, Computer Science and Computer Graphics. The company also develops...
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[Last edited Oct 24, 2011 ]
Website How can I request a new password? Please go to the ECHORD start page and click on the "Register" button located at the top right corner. Please fill in your email address, then select the first check box titled "I already have created a profile for this site but I do not remember my password or lost my magic link" and...
[Last edited May 16, 2011 ]
Home page of the new wiki.
[Last edited Oct 12, 2009 ]
Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia About us The Dept. of Advanced Robotics at the Italian Institute of Technology (Instituto Italiano di Tecnologia) was established in 2006 to undertake research in the broad field of robotics and more specifically human centered and humanoid robotics. Research with the department headed by...
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[Last edited Oct 24, 2011 ]