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Reoffer Confirmation Existing robotic equipment from the previous call has been migrated to the equipment list of the third call, it is not necessary to submit it again. However, as a manufacturer you need to review and update your equipment information and confirm that your offer is up to date and fully correct (by web...
[Last edited Jul 28, 2010 ]
Experiment Proposal Submission The 2nd Call for Experiment Proposals is closed. The deadline for submission was April 30th, 2010 17:00 Brussels time. Instructions for Submission For submission of a complete proposal the following steps are required: 1. General information: To begin with the proposal submission please...
[Last edited Aug 24, 2010 ]
Dr. Reinhard Lafrenz Hans Ziegler Technische Universität München Department of Informatics VI Robotics and Embedded Systems Boltzmannstr. 3 85748 Garching Germany Tel: +49 89 289 18136 Fax: +49 89 289 18107 Email: Follow us on Twitter
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[Last edited Jun 7, 2011 ]
A redress procedure for the first call for experiment proposals has been established. Any request for redress arising from this call for experiment proposals must be submitted by the proposal co-ordinator on or before 30th March 2010 by sending an e-mail to Please note: This...
[Last edited Jun 4, 2010 ]
$gallery(dir="/file/Documents/WP5-pr-dissemination/Presentations/ICRA 2010/Photos")$
[Last edited Jan 27, 2011 ]
Legal Notice ECHORD Service Center Technische Universität München Department of Informatics VI Robotics and Embedded Systems Boltzmannstr. 3 85748 Garching Germany Disclaimer The ECHORD website has been created with the greatest possible care and diligence, and is checked regularly. Nonetheless, the data provided are...
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